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49T High Temperature Bimetal Control

The 49T series of controls from Therm-O-Disc® offers proven 3/4” (19mm) bimetal disc reliability in a high temperature package. The ceramic design of the 49T control, along with the snap action of the bimetal disc, provides exceptional life characteristics at calibrations up to 550°F (288°C) and override temperatures up to 625°F (329°C). The bimetal disc housing may be either enclosed for protection from contaminants or exposed for greater thermal sensitivity. To ensure electrical integrity, terminal connections are made with #8 terminal screws. The ability to handle electrical loads up to 25 Amps at high temperatures has made the Therm-O-Disc 49T a popular choice with heating and major appliance manufacturers.

  • Single pole, single throw
  • Contacts open or close on temperature rise
  • Enclosed or exposed disc available
  • Surface mounting, airstream mounting available
  • #8 screw terminals
Temperature Calibration
  • Maximum calibration temperature
    • 550°F ( 288°C)
  • Temperature  differentials (difference between nominal open and close temperatures) available
    • Minimum 20°F ( 11.1°C)
    • Maximum 90°F (50°C)
  • See data sheet (Product Download Tab) for detailed temperature calibration and available differentials.
  • Cooking
Agency Ratings
  • UL /CSA
    • 250V/25 amps/100,000 cycles
    • 277VAC/15 amps/100,000 cycles
  • See data sheet (Product Download Tab) for detailed ratings information including maximum calibration temperatures for Agency electrical ratings.